Our kittens are lovingly bred in our room, in a quiet, clean environment with classical music. They are allowed to explore our house when they are old enough.

The kittens for breeding are delivered with trivalent vaccine, rabies, passport, microchip and dewormed several times during their growth.
We also deliver copies of genetic tests, heart ultrasound and genetic fingerprint.

Our kittens are delivered with a written contract, we have restricted several countries. Cats are not allowed to live outside permanently, for us it is very important that they live inside the house, and receive the love and human contact they deserve.

We wish to maintain contact with the new owners throughout the cat’s life. We will be happy to receive photos, as it is very interesting for us to follow their development. We will always be at the disposal of the new owners of our kittens to help them as much as possible.


If you are interested in one of our kittens, contact us.

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